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Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday to us!! :)


It snuck up on me! Anybody have plans for tomorrow?


Happy Birthday beeyotches

So, today is me and shapeshift81's birthdayversary. It is both mine and his birthday, and we chose to marry that day too. We had sushi at a restaurant called Sushi 7... We hadnt been there before, but figured it would be lucky...

What did you all do?


you say it's your birthday....

Well it's my birthday too yeah!

Happy birthday everyone!!!
Happy birthday, everyone!! :)

This birthday kind of snuck up on me. 26? Yikes.

Happy birthdayzzz!!

It's 7 March (well, it already is over here anyway).. YAaaaAAaaaaAAaaay!

Love you peepz.. HAPPY BURFDAY!!

Hello all March 7-ers..

Hi. I just joined this community. Is it okay to write an entry like this? Hope it is not against any rules *worries* I just want to say that I find this community to be quite interesting.. because I've never in my life met another person born on the 7th March.. and here's a handful of us all wrapped up in one community. That's so cool (although I don't think I'll ever be meeting any of the people here in real life so the search continues -_-

Are many of you as psychic and overly sensitive and many of the things they say of a piscean? Are any of us alike in any way? *wonders* Many of my friends think all things the astrology says are just a bunch of baloney but I don't know... Sorry this post isn't actually going anywhere. I'm just very intrigued. I'm glad I found this community. Bye.

Mod note

I just changed the layout. What do you all think? Any suggestions for something different? Since LJ switched over to S2, I have no idea how to customize layouts anymore. Darn technology.

We still need a new icon. I made this one ages ago, and it's kind of stupid. Any takers?

And if you have suggestions for a better journal title and subtitle, let me know as well.

Another year over...

Happy birthday, everyone!!!

I had a very busy, but very awesome day! It was Lowell Women's Week, and my directed study group held a workshop downtown; afterwards, two friends and I went to the Mothers of Rock concert. I don't think I've ever had this much fun since I first hit the double digits! ;)

I hope it was great for all of you, as well. Feel free to share!
Happy Birthday everyone!

I'm so glad to be done with my teenage years. :]